We are currently carrying an assortment of delicious, sugar-coated gummy pearls made by grÖn; stop by, say hi, and try some! If there is a particular product you have interest in, please don’t hesitate to let us know so we can look into it!  We place the customer first and foremost – sales are always second place.

We Hand- Tend

hand-tending a cannabis plant

Despite the winter climate, our master growers at our Butte Creek Farm continue to work hard to produce some of the finest cannabis in the Rogue Valley!    We carefully hand-tend our clones, providing the optimal conditions of sunlight, moisture, soil and nutrition, to produce an exceptional product for your enjoyment.  We are currently hand-tending some beautiful clones of chocolate hash berry – we hope you get to […]

New Logo!

Hello Friends! Along with our new sign, we recently redesigned our DabTown USA logo with the help of a local Medford designer, Jessie Miller, with EyeHappy graphic design. He did a fantastic job and we hope you like it! Please let us know. While picking up some of your favorite products from our friendly budtenders, […]