About Us


DabTown USA was established in 2016 as one of Medford’s first recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensaries.  As a family-owned business, our focus is on offering our customers a wide range of fresh, locally sourced products in a friendly and welcoming environment.   

We source only those products that ensure high quality standards. Our dispensary also carries premium cannabis products from our family-owned Butte Creek Farm.

If you are new to marijuana use, our knowledgeable and attentive staff will educate you, answer your questions and make recommendations to suit your unique needs, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes.  

Open 7 Days a Week!


Our Dispensary

DabTown USA - Storefront

Extracts, concentrates, dabs – dabbing in DabTown USA – oh my! This manner of cannabis consumption is called “dabbing”. DabTown USA is more than a dispensary, it’s a destination.

There are many speculations that cannabis can improve your creative ability, reduce anxiety and pain, improve sleepand provide a feeling of well being, as well as many other benefits.  

We carry only the finest, 100% natural locally sourced products. We stock THC, CBD & hybrid strain flower, pre-rolls, wax, rosin,resin, concentrates, cartridges, cannabis oils, edibles,tinctures, and topicals, lotions too.

DabTown USA also proudly offers cannabis products madefrom our Butte Creek Farm, grown locally here in Eagle Point, Oregon.

Whether you’re new to the plant or you’re an OG stoner, we’resure you’ll agree that being able to stop into our local pot shop will provide you with a unique cannabis experience!

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1244 S. Riverside Ave.
Medford, OR 

(541) 690-1711

10am-7pm / 7 Days a Week