Despite the winter climate, our master growers at our Butte Creek Farm continue to work hard to produce some of the finest cannabis in the Rogue Valley!    We carefully hand-tend our clones, providing the optimal conditions of sunlight, moisture, soil and nutrition, to produce an exceptional product for your enjoyment.  We are currently hand-tending some beautiful clones of chocolate hash berry – we hope you get to try some soon!

Our master growers seek out the best cannabis strains in Oregon, choosing only those strains that have a high terpene content and also are in high demand with our customers.  Many of these strains are available at our dispensary, DabTown USA.  Our outdoor grows help to keep overhead costs low, allowing us to sell our product at a fraction of the price of indoor grows.  Our Butte Creek Farm products are available at our dispensary and if you are a wholesaler, please contact us through our website link!   We’d love to hear from you.